Welcome to my blog.

I’m a many things. Change Maker. Bangladeshi. Mr. Green MBA. Social Entrepreneur. Urban Agriculturalist. Angoleiro (in training). Lover. Son. Immigrant. Traveler. Thinker. But most importantly, on this platform I am a writer sharing my thoughts and ideas about the world I live in.

The purpose of this blog is to hone my voice as a writer. The blog started out as a side project of my practicum during my second year as a Green MBA student at Antioch University New England. At that time, I used this site to work on my ability to articulate my ideas and thoughts in writing. I was able to see how the folks in the information superhighway responded to my posts. With time I became much more comfortable sharing my ideas in a publicly-open forum on the internet. Post-MBA it is developing into  an online journal, where I post my thoughts and a working portfolio of my writing. Some areas of focus for me are social entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, sustainability, art, culture, and social change.

If you come across this site, please take a moment to leave me some feedback. Let me know what you think of things I posts. Preferably with a little note on the comment section.

– John


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