Glimpse at China’s Organic & Urban Agriculture Pioneers

A blog post for ECO City Farms from Dec. 8:


Organics Inside Greenhouse with Earthen Wall (Photo: Mary Kay Magistad)

This is a follow-up to the November post “Our Global Food System,” where one of the featured reports focused on what Chinese consumers think of organic produce. Today, I will share another report on China that focuses on the organic farmers. It is called Organic Farming in China, featured on PRI’s The World report.

The report follows Michael Pollan (author of “Omnivore’s Dilemma”), Robert Kenner (director of “Food Inc.”) and Corby Kummer (food editor at the Atlantic) during their trip to China. They visit several organic farmers and share what they are learning. For example some farmers use earthen walls in their high-tunnels to capture heat during the day to maintain optimal temperature for the plants. The report also focus on the different practices Chinese organic farmers implement in raising free range chicken. Finally, the report also focus on whether these operations are scalable to make it into a self-sustaining operation.

Urban agriculture is not new. People have cultivated small plots of land ever since our species have stumbled onto agriculture. The key to the modern urban agriculture movement is to learn from practices around the globe and incorporate elements that makes sense for your region. Click here to read this short report to learn about how a segment of the Chinese population is looking to grow organic food.


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I am a farmer in training with a background in finance, organizational sustainability, and project management. My expertise is making the business case for local food enterprises.
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