Our Global Food System

A blog post from ECO City Farms I wrote on November 8, 2011:

On November 1st, while listening to PRI’s “the World” segment on the local NPR station, I heard two short five minute reports on our food system. Our food system is reliant on a global supply chain that imports and export food from the around the world. These two reports put the spotlight on China.

The first report, titled “Why some Chinese worry that buying organic isn’t good enough“. The story was eye opening because it gave me a perspective of what organic production is like in China. You get to hear the Chinese consumers perspective on organics products and some of the challenges they have to deal with regarding food purchases. Click here to listen to the report.

The second report, titled “Do you trust produce from China?” focuses on how Chinese products are increasingly filling up the shelves of American supermarkets. According to Mitch Lipka, the consumer columnist with the Boston Globe and Reuters, says 7% of our juices have Chinese produce. Can you trust Chinese products when there are reports of contamination and exploding watermelon? Follow the link above and listen to the report.

The food that we buy and eat has a global impact. Changing the way our food system works is a complex process. The objective of these two report is to provide some insight on how our food system works, both in the U.S. and in China. I hope you enjoy listening/reading these two reports. We would love to hear your comments and feedback on the two stories.

Baby in supermarket (Photo: fazen/Flickr)


About John Costa

I am a farmer in training with a background in finance, organizational sustainability, and project management. My expertise is making the business case for local food enterprises.
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