Green Unplugged Film Festival

A repost of a blog entry I made for Provisions Library on June 15, 2011:

Culture Unplugged launched ‘Green Unplugged’ film festival today to explore the environment and renew our relationship with Mother Earth and her cohabitants. All the films are available for streaming here. Culture Unplugged posted the poem below to commemorate the launch of the festival. Enjoy.

Poem : Green Unplugged (reposted)


human vision of ‘Green’,
toned through time, traditions, trends, tempests.
unplugging the hue today,
how do you see?

at the infinite, ground of being, do you feel Green to be,
supra consciousness, eternally in motion
fomenting, fertilizing, flourishing, in harmony,
in atomic~cosmic world?

under canopy spiritual, do you experience Green as,
organic, dynamic, expansive presence,
enveloping you, me, us, them & that,
in dark, deep & bright – loving, blissful light?

facing incarnation material, do you see Green being,
the dream of abundance, freedom, love, joy
twisted a knot, in human mind & gut,
muddling & saturating our greed & need,
veiling the soul savior, in success,
shadowing our systems & structures,
to the state of conspicuous corruption?

witnessing nature in ruffle,
dear life in scuffle, times in shuffle,
global commons seeking to unearth & unravel,
the tone of Green today.
with placards, pictures, philosophies, products,
we are offered shades of choices.

how do you choose to see?
is mother earth deepening or brightening her hue?
in chorus with the Mother,
do you also cry for change, to create new
future, nature, us, all?

will you drink the Green potion,
to dream & claim spiritual materialism anew?
sprightly, will you sing :

I vote for,
personalized religion,
transparent governance,
world citizenship.

I exist for,
conscious consumption,
cultural selection,
creative communication.

I yearn for,
spiritual society,
compassionate community,
harmonized humanity.

‘our’ world volving on axis, fatigued & fractured
playing out scene after the one, same.
will we forgo?

‘må’ terra growing the mind divine, giant & global
pregnating each being with womb integral in soul.
will we carry?

passing us.
believers of world as is,
at game, scornfully dodging perceived suffering,
strengthening the need to survive, status quo,
leading to posit self, sole in center,
raising the Green mean…

emerging us.
receptors of world to come,
at peace, secured in the supreme-self within,
smiling, swaying n singing thru suffering,
rising to the Green guide, bright & divine,
leading to posit life, whole in chest…

who do you find in mirror?
how do you see future?
will you partake to prototype
human vision of ‘Green Future’?
do you see?
how far are we from the world in our dream?
do you feel the rush?



About John Costa

I am a farmer in training with a background in finance, organizational sustainability, and project management. My expertise is making the business case for local food enterprises.
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