Chef José Andrés: American History Through Food

A repost of a blog entry I made for Provisions Library on June 1, 2011:


Food has been a focal point of some of the social change movements related to sustainability, climate change, and policy. On May 16, renowned Chef José Andrés announced the opening of America Eat Tavern, a pop-up restaurant, in partnership with the Foundation for the National Archives in support of their exhibit What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam? The Government’s Effect on the American Diet. The new restaurant will open on July 4th and operate for six months in the current ThinkFoodGroup’s Café Atlántico space.

Chef Andrés’ vision is to explain the history of the world through food that people eat. He believes food unites people. Andrés’, who is the Chief Culinary Advisor for the exhibit, hopes to promote awareness and discussion on national food policies through this partnership with the National Archives.

America Eats will offer a new take on American classics, native ingredients, and forgotten dishes. The tavern will share the story of where American dishes came from and why it is eaten. Profits from the restaurant will be donated to the Foundation for the National Archives. The opening event for America Eats will take place on June 10th at 7pm.

Here is an excerpt from Chef Andrés’ May 18th Interview on the Kojo Nnamdi Show. To listen to the full interview click here.


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I am a farmer in training with a background in finance, organizational sustainability, and project management. My expertise is making the business case for local food enterprises.
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