My Sabbatical

This short video defines 2010 for me. I am on a sabbatical.

In December I left my job as a Commercial Leasing Specialist with GSA. It was my first job as post bachelor. I thought I would be there 3-4 years at most. Turned out to be 7 years. My experience at GSA has been an instrumental part of my development into a participating member in my communities. I went to work with colleagues and friends that grew up as minorities in segregated U.S., as minorities in countries where the constitution identified the official state religion, privledged middle class ex-pats, privledged conservatives, liberals of all kinds. I miss the people.

I left the job to pursue my MBA in Environmental and Organizational Sustainability. I left to start the next chapter of my life. But first an year of sabbatical as I am working on my MBA.

So starts my story, hopefully first of many sabbaticals I plan to take every 7 years over my lifetime.


About John Costa

I am a farmer in training with a background in finance, organizational sustainability, and project management. My expertise is making the business case for local food enterprises.
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