Hello world!

Hello World!?  This is my first venture into the world of blogging.  The purpose of my blog is two folds – 1) to work on my creative writing and 2) share what I am doing in the Green MBA Program at Antioch University New England.

I am a 1st year MBA student studying Management and Environmental Sustainability.  I am setting out in a new direction with my career and life.  Over the next year, I will post my thoughts, ideas, and visions here to share with the world.  A web journal.

This is just an experiment in my personal journey through life as I reinvent myself.


About John Costa

I am a farmer in training with a background in finance, organizational sustainability, and project management. My expertise is making the business case for local food enterprises.
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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Dave Chase says:

    Hi John,

    Kudos on starting a blog – you have already taken the hardest step in the process!!

    Throughout your learning journey over the next year, I would encourage you to consider it to be a process less of “reinventing” yourself and more of “continuing to grow and develop”. The reinventing label can carry with it the implication that what has gone before in your life must somehow be “left behind” as a whole new you is created. Thinking of the process instead as one of developmental definition and delineation allows you to better honor and value everything that you have already known, done, or experienced in your past – and just incorporate elements of it into the latest iteration of you.

    For whatever it’s worth…


    • ovijc80 says:

      You are right Dave. It’s not reinventing but continuing to grow and develop. Take what I learned and reapply it. Add to it. Always carry it with me.

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